Our school has existed in the water sports business for over 19 years. Being a second kite-specialized school has provided us a reputation of an expert in this field. In 2011 to meet the expectations of our clients, we extended our offer with the addition of windsurfing courses. We stand out of other schools by our long tradition and immense experience.


Deska Core Fusion 3

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All-star training

The atmosphere, which we have been building for years is appreciated not only by clients but by employees as well. We’re proud to have a consistent crew of instructors, tutors and camp leaders. Each new person is carefully selected and as to prove their experience and remarkable approach to clients. Since the very beginning we have been focusing on the quality of trainings, we organize internal meetings, exchange insights, continuously improve or training system!

No baits

As one of few schools on hel peninsula we don’t charge for the course upfront. You pay only for exercised hours! All classes are listed and described in the system so you can check at any time how many hours of classes did you have, when and with whom.

First minute

Booking in advance let’s you to get cool discounts! We always provide information on ongoing offers regarding selected courses and camps. If you are not sure if you are eligible for discount, just mail or call us! You can only gain a lot:)

Interesting places

Besides the school which we run on the hel peninsula, on the awesome chałupy 6 campinkg precisely, we organize plenty international trips to different corners of the kitesurfing world – fuerteventura, sicily, sardegna, tarifa, brazil, vietnam, mexico, mauritius, sri lanka. On these trips you can rent the gear, learn from basics, practice or take part in pro camp with łukasz ceran – the icon of polisj kitesurfing.

Outstanding preparation

Kite.Pl has been operating since 2001. We have trained several thousand people in this time, we have organized tens of events and around seventy kitesurfing camps abroad, we have set up several spots, the experience we embraced over these years allows us to take care of you in the best possible way 🙂

The latest equipment 2019

We use only the latest and the safest equipment in our kitesurfing school. We pick only the gear of the best brands such as cabrinha and nobile.

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The kitesurfing school Kite.pl and the windsurfing school Windszkola.pl offer various forms of courses at any level. After taking a course you can supply yourself with the equipment in our shop or go with us on a trip to various parts of the kitesurfing world. If you want to visit us with the whole family or a group of friends, in our offer you will also find a rental of comfortable caravans on the Chałupy 6 campsite. During the holidays, we also organise youth and student kitesurfing and windsurfing camps.

Camp Chałupy 6 !